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1. Who and what is WIEDER.TV?
  Wieder TV is a new German language television station, an undertaking by Horst and Heidi Wieder in Watertown, Wisconsin, USA.
  The objective is to connect the German speaking community with quality Programs for the whole family.
  This will provide a connection for the German speaking community living in foreign Lands with the opportunity to learn the German language and maintain fluent and connected.
  For this purpose, there is a full nine level German language course provided for your learning enjoyment and entertainment. You will find a large Channel selection with a wide variety of informative programs that are perpetually updated.
  This will provide music and entertainment of cultural relevance, generally not available anywhere else.
  In addition to Wieder TV Channels, there will be a selection of various German regional channels.
2. Where is Wieder TV located?
  Wieder TV is based in Watertown, Wisconsin with a future home at the GERMAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER (GACC) in Menomonee Falls, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
3. What is IPTV?
  IPTV is an abbreviation for INTERNET PROTOCOL TELEVISION where the internet is the signal carrier in place of satellite or cable television. To receive internet television, a digital video player is connected to the internet and to your television. This will provide instant access to Wieder TV and German channels.
4. Where will Wieder TV be available?
  Wieder TV will be available anywhere in the US and Canada or wherever you have an internet connection. (Note: Satellite Internet is not compatible with the Roku Player.)
5. Is Wieder TV available around the clock?
  Wieder TV is available anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may be repeated as often as desired. German channels may be received as they are broadcasted and some channels are available time delayed to more closely match the various time zones.
6. Where do I get detailed information on Wieder TV programming?
  All programs are arranged by numbers for easy tracking and identification.
  View Channel Line-Up...
  The German channels program guide may be obtained from Fernsehzeitschrift NUR TV for 0.99 Euro per month.
  Tel 011-49-211-6907-8955 Fax 011-49-211-6907-8950
7. Are there going to be commercials on Wieder TV?
  It is Wieder TV policy not to interrupt a program with commercials and therefore, we will offer our viewers a channel that provides the latest information on events in the German community.
  We will also have an advertising channel to connect to the German speaking community across the globe. We will gladly put together a custom made advertising offer for your needs.
8. How can I see what Wieder TV offers before I sign up?
  We have a ten minute Trailer DVD where we show you what we have to offer. You can send an e-mail to: info@wieder.tv with your post address and request this Trailer DVD. It will come to you free of charge.
9. How much does a Wieder TV Subscription cost?
  The typical cost is as follows: 1 year plan – US $ 28.00 per Month
    2 year plan – US $ 24.00 per Month
    3 year plan – US $ 21.00 per Month
    The sign up fee will be $ 44.00
  The contract period is 12, 24 or 36 months and will be billed monthly. The subscription automatically renews, unless cancellation has been requested
10. What if I move to a new location?
  The Roku Player may be connected to the internet connection at the new location.
11. What if I decide to interrupt my service?
  A reconnection fee will be applied to reconnect the service. The monthly charge will stop at the end of the contract period. There will be a $ 44.00 reconnection fee.
12. How can I cancel my Wieder TV subscription?
  You must call us with your intentions.
  It is your responsibility that the Roku Player, all connection cables and the remote control is returned in good condition in the original Roku box. A larger shipping box with additional cushioning is recommended.
  Upon receiving the equipment, the service will expire by the end of the term.
  Please consider that the minimum contract time is 1 year.
13. Do I need a computer to receive Wieder TV?
  You do not need a computer to receive Wieder TV programs. All programs are transmitted via the internet directly to the Roku Player and directly to your television screen.
  You will need access to a computer and a valid E-mail address to establish an account. This may be done at a remote location.
14. What do I need to receive Wieder TV?
  A – An internet connection using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi wireless.
  B – An e-mail address.
  C – A Roku Player with connection cables and a remote control. (All furnished inside the Roku Player box.)
  D – A television.
15. Does Wieder TV provide the internet connection?
  No. The internet connection is provided by your local Internet Service Provider, such as your local telephone company (DSL) or local cable company (high-speed Broadband).
16. What is a DSL connection?
  DSL is an abbreviation for Digital Subscriber Line, which provides the connection to the Internet through a local telephone network. In order to receive Wieder TV using a DSL internet connection, the minimum download speed of 1 Mb/sec is required.
17. What do I have to request when I purchase a DSL Service?
  There is a wide selection of performance and cost variations that change from region to region. The most Important is that you request a written guarantee of the minimum download speed. (Please be aware of terms like – up to 3 Mb/sec – What you actually get could be very low and still be considered "up to").
18. How can I test my download speed?
  The download speed can be tested at any time with an internet connection. Go to: www.speedtest.net. Click on the "Begin Test" button, then you will see your results. The minimum download speed required to view Wieder TV is 1 Megabyte per second (Mbps).
19. How can I determine if the DSL provides the performance that I am paying for?
  The download speed can be tested at any time with an internet connection. Go to: www.speedtest.net.
20. Can I receive Wieder TV using a television cable connection?
  No, a television cable connection can not be used; however, a cable provider may provide the internet connection for your Roku Player. You may cancel your cable service and keep the internet service.
21. Can I receive Wieder TV using a satellite Dish?
  No, a satellite dish can not be used. This makes it possible to view Wieder TV programs in areas where no satellite dishes are allowed to be mounted on the outside of the building.
22. Can I receive Wieder TV with my internet connection though my Satellite Provider?
  If the satellite provides a streaming signal, yes.
  If the satellite provides a bursting signal, No. This will result in an interrupted picture.
  Should you have any doubt about your provider, please contact us so we may check this for you.
23. Can I connect the Wieder TV to a shared Internet Connection?
  Yes, however you must be assured that the minimum capacity of 1 Mb/sec is available.
  This is often not the case if too many connections are made simultaneously.
  Should the bandwidth drop below the minimum a momentary interruption may occur.
24. Can I connect Wieder TV to a network?
  Yes, the Roku Player may be connected in the back of a hub or router.
25. What is Wi-Fi?
  Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a device that connects to a modem that makes it possible to connect to the internet without using wires. This is very convenient and is now standard equipment.
26. What type of Wi-Fi do I need?
  Wi-Fi type "N" will provide the greatest range and the best performance.
27. Can I connect the Roku Player using Wi-Fi?
  Yes, the Roku Player has a Wi-Fi receiver inside the Box.
  A minimum if 1Mb/sec will be sufficient to provide a superb picture quality.
28. I am unable to sign up because my email address in already in use. Why am I receiving this error message?
  That means your e-mail address is already in our system and your account has already been created. In order to complete the sign up process, you need to go to the "Sign in" page of the website and enter your email address and your password. Once you are signed in, click on "Edit Billing Information." Here you can fill out the rest of your billing information and click the submit button.
  If you have any other problems with signing in, please give us a call.
29. I no longer have my password – how can I renew my Password?
  Please let us know and we will send you an e-mail with a link, so you can reset your Password.
30. How do I connect the Roku Player?
  Place the Roku Player near your television display.
  There are 3 connections:
    1 - The power cable is connected to your 120 Volt outlet (or 240 Volt with an adaptor).
    2 - The signal cable is connected to the Roku Player and the television screen.
    3 - Internet Connection:
      • WIRED - the Ethernet connection (RJ45 connector) is located in the back of the Roku Player
      • WIRELESS - the connection (Wi-Fi receiver) is built-in the Roku player.
31. Can I receive standard definition (SD)?
  The Roku Player may be connected with the standard Composite connection cable.
  The standard Composite cable is furnished with each Roku Player.
32. Can I receive high definition (HD)?
  To receive HD, the Roku Player must be connected with a HDMI cable or Component cable, which is not furnished with each Roku Player. (Note: You need an HD TV).
33. Where do I find the instructions for the connections?
  Each Roku Player is shipped with instructions inside the packaging box.
  In addition, the connection instructions are available on the Instructions page of the website.
34. Will I need a technician to connect the Roku Player?
  The connections are simple and maybe done by anyone.
  Each Roku Player is shipped with instructions inside the packaging box.
  In addition, the connection instructions are available on the Instructions page of the website.
35. Can I use any Remote control?
  Each Roku Player comes with a remote control and designed specifically for the Roku Player.
36. I already have a Roku player, so do I have to pay the connection fee?
  Yes, this charge is universal to cover our expenses.
37. How do I link my Roku account with my Wieder TV account?
  (Note: First you need to link your Roku player to your free Roku account and then you need to link your Roku player to your Wieder TV account).
  The connection can be established by following these steps:
  1. Click Roku Sign Up to link your Roku player to your free Roku account.
  2. Next, you will need to find Wieder TV inside the channel store of the main line-up on your Roku player. Here an access code will be displayed. Click Link Devices to link your Roku Player to Wieder TV. Enter the username (e-mail address) and the password you used to create your Wieder TV account, along with the access code that is displayed on your television screen.
38. Can I also receive German Channels?
  Wieder TV provides German channels at no cost to you, which are channels 110 and 120.
  We are working on these channels so that they may be viewed in your time zone for your viewing pleasure.
39. How can I view Live German television?
  Those Live German Channels can be viewed on your Roku device on Channel 110 and 120.
    You can only receive those live channels right now, if you select the HD Display setting on your Roku device.
    Here is how to get this setup:
    In the main menu on your Roku device, go to "settings" and select "display settings"
    - Here you need to select the HD720 (not the 4/3 and not the 16/9). The live signals work only in an HD display setting.
    - Your Roku need to restart and then you should be able to watch 110 ARD and 120 ZDF.
40. Can I view other programs with the Roku Player?
  Yes, you may order Netflix and other programs in addition to Wieder TV.
41. Who owns the Roku Player?
  The Roku Player remains the property and responsibility of Wieder Television, Inc. and must be returned to Wieder Television, Inc. when the contract is terminated. All repairs and replacements are the responsibilities of Wieder Television, Inc. There shall be no hidden cost to burden your viewing enjoyment.
  Mailing Address: Wieder Television, Inc.
    N8779 County Road X
    P.O. Box 90
    Watertown, WI 53094 USA